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Burke, Joseph (Master)

BURKE (JOSEPH). PLAYBILLS of his performances at SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND, in 1829-30, previous to his departure for AMERICA, appearing in the characters of DENNIS BRULGUDDERY, ROMEO, TEDDY O’ROURKE, alias DR. O’TOOLE, VICTOR PLEYEL, LORD GRIZZLE, SIR CALLAGHAN O’BRALLAGHAN, LOONEY MACTWOLTER, ALSO ASSUMING SIX CHARACTERS in the “March of Intellect,” AND SIX in the farce of “A Day after the Fair.” (7 pieces).

BURKE (JOSEPH). PLAYBILL OF THE SECOND APPEARANCE ON THE AMERICAN STAGE OF MASTER BURKE, Park Theatre, Nov. 24, 1830, “Speed the Plough,” with Master Burke as SIR ABEL HANDY, and in the Farce of “Whirligig Hall,” ASSUMING SIX CHARACTERS.

Catalogue of the Collection of the Late Peter Gilsey: Art, Literary, History and the Drama, Vol. 1 (Peter Gilsey) 1903: 41. Print.

Burke, Catalogue of the Collection of the Late Peter Gilsey, 1903, 41