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Gannon, Mary

MISS GANNON’S BENEFIT. This deserving young actress and estimable young lady, takes a benefit to-night at the Museum, and we desire to call the attention of the mirth loving community to her claims. Some seven years ago she made her debut before a Baltimore audience, and in the praise of our citizens, has been steady and increasing. Her maternal solicitude has won her much favor; we mean, her endeavors to support her mother by her profession, and thus far, by the grace of her patrons, she has succeeded. It is well known that in private life her character is unexceptionable, and the readers of the Clipper have had ocular demonstration that whatever character she assumes, she acts the part to perfection; and when it is known that the lively, piquant, smile begetting Kate Ludlow, has volunteered to aid her for the night, we bespeak for Miss GANNON a crowded house.


                 A CARD. MISS MARY ANNE GANNON, begs leave to inform her friends and the public, that her BENEFIT will take place on TUESDAY EVENING, Dec. 23, on which occasion she has the pleasure of announcing that


who has volunteered her valuable services—as also,


in conjunction with Mrs. WILKINSON, Mrs. HENRY, Messrs. J. SEFTON, GALLAGHER, JOHNSON, J.O SEFTON, &c.

American Republic and Baltimore Daily Clipper 12/23/1845. Print.

Gannon, American Republic and Baltimore Daily Clipper, 12/23/1845