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St. Clair, Sallie

ACADEMY OF MUSIC.—The engagement of Miss Sallie St. Clair and Mr. Chas. Barras opens with the most gratifying success, a fact creditable to the taste and discrimination of our play-going people. The Academy was filled last evening with a very select audience, and the performance was received with such expressions as left no doubt of the satisfaction it afforded. The play of the evening was “Satan in Paris,” familiar to all theater-goers as a very cleverly-constructed drama, pointing several morals in social life not without instruction. Miss St. Clair sustained six characters in the piece, and one need hardly say they were rendered in a manner commensurate with the well known talent and ability of that lady. The character next in importance was given by Mr. Nagle in his usual unexceptionable manner. The remainder of the piece was well placed and creditably attended to, Mr. Irving, we thought, being especially worthy of favourable mention.

This evening a very interesting drama, entitled the “Gipsy,” will be presented, in which Miss St. Clair appears as the heroine “Zingara.” One of her most attractive impersonations. The farce of “A Regular Fix” will conclude the performance.

Cleveland Daily Leader, October 12, 1865

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