Crampton, (Little) Charlotte

Little Charlotte Crampton seems to have made out rather poorly in the matrimonial market.  Mr. William Harris, her husband, is said to have attempted a killing demonstration, lately, at Troy, N.Y., according to a sworn complaint made by her, but subsequently withdrawn.  The very next day, Harris had a dispute with his landlord about a … Continue reading Crampton, (Little) Charlotte

Crampton, (Little) Lotty

Little Lotty Crampton did up Iago in the third act of “Othello.” The ladies are certainly “getting even” with Iago.  By the way, Frederico, how about that prize banjo. New York Clipper 18 June 1859: 70. Print.

Cinderella Family of Jouveniles

Another new place of amusement was opened in Philadelphia on the 17th.  It is called “Taylor’s museum,” and consists of beasts, birds, reptiles, etc; miscellaneous feats, in wire walking, dancing, singing, etc, by the original Cinderella family of juveniles. New York Clipper 24 December 1859: 287. Print.  

Cook, Sebastian

A PHENOMENON.—The New York Tribune says: “A young American lad, nine years old, is about to make his appearance in public as a performer on the violin.  He is already an accomplished artist, and his execution surpasses in completeness, power and expression, everything we have before deemed credible of a child. The name of the … Continue reading Cook, Sebastian