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Halifax trip

Here are some more photos from my trip to Halifax. On Thursday, Dalhousie professor Shannon Brownlee took me out for an excursion to Peggy’s Cove. What a beautiful spot!

And on Friday, I had a chance to walk through Halifax’s stately Public Gardens. It was like stepping back in time – appropriate for this project. I wonder if Jean Davenport walked down the same streets as me. Also on Friday, I spent a few hours in the Archives of Nova Scotia to see if I could find any newspaper references to the Davenports visiting town. Unfortunately, the date from Jean’s scrapbook (June 7, 1842) didn’t seem to match up with what I was finding in the newspapers. I found references to other performers, including a family of singers, but nothing about the Davenports. So this has led me to wonder whether perhaps the scrapbook date is incorrect. I’m not sure so I’ll need to do some more sleuth work… In the meantime, here is a glimpse of the Public Gardens.