Canadian dolls for Canadian girls

As a tangent to this project’s exploration of performing children, I’ve become fascinated with contemporary children’s performances , not so much performances by professional child actors or singers but performances of consumption by “average” children. I’ve been working on an essay on American Girl’s May 2014 arrival in Canada, focusing on the “haul” videos made to … Continue reading Canadian dolls for Canadian girls

Upcoming research

In a few weeks I’m planning to visit the Houghton Library at Harvard where I hope to view several  Staffordshire figurines of Jean Davenport in a variety of roles. I’m also eager to see materials on Charles S. Stratton, Clara Fisher, Master Betty, the Marsh children, and many of the other child performers I’ve been tracking. … Continue reading Upcoming research

Unofficial launch

I am delighted to be unofficially launching the project website with this post. The designer, Brendon George, has done a fantastic job of equipping the site with a variety of tools I’ll need to represent the project research. And in case you were wondering, the colour scheme (purple) has been chosen with the period in … Continue reading Unofficial launch