Louisa Lane (Mrs. John Drew)

This is the third week of my year-long blogging project. See here for more details. Mrs. John Drew (Louisa Lane Drew, 1820-1897) was a doyenne of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century stage, as celebrated for her lengthy stage career as for her role as matriarch of the Drew family, one of the US’s oldest … Continue reading Louisa Lane (Mrs. John Drew)

Jean Margaret Davenport

This is the second week of a year-long blogging project. I’m proposing to blog on a different child actor for 52 weeks. See here for more details. Today I turn my attention towards the performer who first piqued my interest in child actors and actresses, Jean Margaret Davenport, and the scrapbooks documenting her colonial travels. … Continue reading Jean Margaret Davenport

Master William Henry West Betty

What follows is merely an introduction to Master Betty and his first appearance before London audiences. For a much longer treatment of his career, see Jeffrey Kahan’s excellent book cited below.  Master William Henry West Betty is arguably the first child celebrity of the modern era. I say arguably because much depends on how you … Continue reading Master William Henry West Betty