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Davenport, Fanny

Miss Davenport was the favorite daughter of the late E.L. Davenport, an accomplished actor in parts ranging from tragedy to comedy. He hoped that she might become a tragedienne, and her early training for the stage was with that end in view; but the father could not keep himself in constant employment in tragic parts, so small was the public demand for that sort of entertainment, and he was not successful in placing his daughter satisfactorily in a tragic company. She had to appear at first in soubrette parts, and it was only after a number of years that she was entrusted with serious roles.

Her ventures in Shakespeare have been in comedy, and she has not succeeded with them. Her ambition in the line of tragedy stands no chance of being satisfied. But at forty she retains all the beauty of her earliest years, she is admired by the public, she is rich, and she has a new husband. So she should be happy.

The Indianapolis Journal 8/5/1888: 5. Print.

Davenport, The Indianapolis Journal, 8/5/1888, 5