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Davenport, Fanny

Miss Fanny Davenport, Tragedienne.

One of the most conspicuous figures on the American stage to-day is Fanny Davenport, step-daughter of the celebrated tragedian, E. L Davenport. She was born in England in 1849, and six years later was brought to America. She made her first appearance before the footlights when a mere infant, playing children’s parts in a manner denoting the possession of unusual precocity, if not genuine dramatic genius. Her formal debut as an actress was made in 1862, in “Faint Heart Ne’er Won Fair Lady.” Her career as a star began twelve years later, and was a brilliant success from the start. A faithful portrait of Miss Davenport accompanies this sketch.

The True Northerner 1/16/1889. Print.

Davenport, The True Northerner, 1/16/1889