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Davenport, Fanny

Miss Fanny Davenport was the daughter of Edward Davenport, the famous actor, and Fanny Davenport, an equally famous actress, and was born in London, April 10, 1850. She first essayed juvenile parts at the Howard atheneum in Boston when 12 years of age, while her first adult part was that of Mrs. Mildway in “Still Waters Run Deep.” As Arline in “The Black Crook” she made her debut as a soubret, and later joined Mrs. John Drew’s company at Philadelphia. She remained there a short time, and then joined Augustin Daly’s forces in New York, where she played in leading parts for nearly 10 years, from 1869 to 1879.

A remark of Davenport made years ago fits the present hour. “I don’t want,” she said, “to lag superfluous on the stage until I have worn out my reputation and the public is tired of me. I want to retire while I am still popular.” She has had her wish.

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Davenport, St. Johnsbury Caledonian, 9/28/1898, 3