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Dutton, Dollie

Little Dollie Dutton remains here only to-day and to-morrow, giving afternoon and evening Levees [. . .] at the Melodeon. Wednesday she goes to Columbus and our friends in the Capital City will find she will draw and interest as she has here.

The following beautiful lines, from the pen of a lady of this city, are worth of preservation:

To the Little Fairy.


I first saw you, little Dollie,

Amidst the crowded throng,

When you came so gently forward,

And sang a little song;

And when I saw that sweet young face,

I thought how won’drous was the power,

That made that form so rare.

And when, with light and easy grace,

Your bright face wreathed in smiles,

You were borne on high by your kind friend,

Along the crowded aisles;

And when your little fairy feet

Tripped light to music’s measure,

I thought how happy were your friends,

In having such a treasure.

I saw you too behind the scenes,

My darling little girl;

And you looked at me so witchingly,

And shook each glossy curl;

That when I held within my arms

Your tiny form so fair,

You talked so merrily and bright

I stood in silence there.

And then I thought the good, kind God

That made you, little creature,

That fashioned every liniament,

And every form and feature;

Created an immortal soul,

Which he to you had given,

That when the toils of earth are o’er

You’d find a place in Heaven.

Cleveland Morning Leader 11/26/1860. Print.

Dutton, Cleveland Morning Leader, 11/26/1860