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Dutton, Dollie

The “Little Fairy.”

Miss Dollie Dutton, the “queen of the fairies,” 10½ years old, 29 inches tall, and weighing only 15 pounds, assisted by miss Wilhelmina Kappes, and Mr. George Monk, will give levees at Union Hall, in this place [. . .]. The entertainments given by Miss Dollie and her troupe, are very highly spoken of by the press wherever they appear, and the fame of little Dollie herself is almost world wide.—Only one-third the weight of the celebrated Gen Tom Thumb, and yet perfect in form and feature, she takes the visitors’ hearts by storm and entertains them with an easy grace, and naive manner, peculiar to herself, which might well be imitated by others older than herself. The Troy Times says:

“To people who have never seen little Dollie Dutton, the interest which she excites seems extraordinary and unnatural, if not positively absurd. Finally they call upon her themselves, out of curiosity merely, and presto! they too become inoculated with the enthusiasm at which, when manifested in others, they wondered. Having seen and admired the little creature once, they want to see and admire her again, and they repeat their visits—sometimes so frequently as to crowd Dollie’s levees inconveniently, and prevent parties who have not seen her at all from obtaining entrance. It is not alone the fact that Dollie is a curiosity, which draws such crowds to her entertainments. The little girl is wonderfully small, it is true; but others have been as small, or nearly as small, and excited no special furore of delight.

The Caledonian 3/14/1862. Print.

Dutton, The Caledonian, 3/14/1862