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Eddie, El Nino

Music Halls

GEORGE LEA has proved himself to be one of the smartest Music Hall managers in this country. No other manager in the business ever had so many performers on their salary list at the same time as Mr. Lea. It matters not how many he has, he never lets an opportunity slip of securing any new performer that may appear; if he is good, he at once engages him and puts him before the public. He has now nearly a hundred performers under a year’s contract, and although they are not all performing at his Canterbury in Washington at the same time, he nevertheless manages their movements, and lets them out to other managers and when he wishes to, he can present to his patrons in Washington one of the best entertainments to be witnessed in this country [. . .] Among the performers now under contract to Mr. Lea [is] Nino Eddie, the wonder of the age in the gymnastic business [. . .].


Washington, D.C

Nino Eddie,


The Child Wonder (only eight years of age), has just completed a most successful engagement in Philadelphia. He is now playing a Star Engagement at TONY PASTOR’S OPERA HOUSE, NEW YORK. Managers wishing to secure his services will address GEORGE LEA, Canterbury, Washington, D.C.

New York Clipper 9/2/1865: 167 (5 within PDF). Print.

Eddie, New York Clipper, 9/2/1865, 167