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Gannon, Mary

Obsequies of Mary Gannon.

Yesterday, at 12 o’clock, the funeral ceremonies over the remains of Mrs. MARY A. STEVENSON, MARY GANNON,) who died on the 22d inst., were performed at her late residence, No. 131 East Twenty-seventh street. Among those who participated in the solemn rites, were a large number of the personal friends and acquaintances of the deceased, including Mrs. Hoey, Mrs. Vernon, Miss Eytinge, Mrs. Sedley Brown, Miss Ranoe, Mr. Lester Wallack, Mr. Stuart, Mr. Moss, Mr. W. Winter, and others identified with the theatrical profession of which Miss GANNON was a prominent member. The impressive funeral service of the Episcopal Church was read by Mr. HOUGHTON, of the Church of the Transfiguration, after which the features of the deceased were viewed by those present. Upon the coffin were placed bouquets and wreaths of japonicas and immortelles. A silver plate bore the simple inscription:


Died Feb. 22, 1868,

Aged 37.”

The pall-bearers were George Holland, John Gilbert, A.W. Young, J. Mark Smith, John Perley, J. H. Wilbour, Mr. Maeder and Mr. Larrason. The mournful cortege numbering about thirty carriages moved from the house to Broadway, thence to Fulton ferry, which it crossed, and proceeded to Greenwood, the final resting place of the remains.

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