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Heron, Bijou


Death of the Once Favorite American Actress.

Matilda Agnes Heron, the well known American actress, died at seven o’clock on the evening of the 7th inst. at her residence, No. 132 East Twenty-fifth street. Her death was a calm and peaceful one, and she passed from this world soon after blessing her only child, Bijou, who knelt sobbing at her bedside. With the little daughter of Miss Heron there were present at the moment Miss Rose May, Mr. J. H. Alliger and Mr. Robert Hyslop.

Devotedly attached to her daughter, she found employment in educating her child for the dramatic profession, and also superintended studies of many debutantes. The most prominent among these was Miss Agnes Ethel. Among her later appearances M’me Heron played Lady Macbeth at Booth’s Theater, December 25 and 26, 1874, having among her auditors on the first night King Kalakaua. The following April she played Medea for the benefit of little Bijou Heron.

Matilda Heron was an actress of much emotional power, and by the force of her genius and originality created a new school of dramatic art. As a woman she was fond and loving, and made many dear friends during her career. A devoted mother to her child, she became very religious during the later years of her life. Though at times in somewhat straitened circumstances she never lost her courage, and was seldom found disheartened at the difficulties or trials encountered in her path. Besides her daughter Bijou, M’me Heron leaves one other relation in America, Mrs. Anastasia Davis, who is her cousin, and resides in Philadelphia.

Public Ledger 3/14/1877. Print.

Heron, Public Ledger, 3/14/1877