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Heron, Bijou

Matilda Heron, the Actress.

Bijou Heron, her daughter, is now fifteen years old. Matilda used to say of┬áher that “she is the future greatest actress of the world.” The child is graceful and good looking, but with a prematurely old and care-worn air and manner. This is due, no doubt, largely to the life of constant excitement and anxiety that she has led with her mother. She is really more womanly than most women twice her age. Her friends and those of her mother are anxious that she shall now retire from the stage for a time and seek the training and recreation of other girls her age, which she has hitherto lacked, either in a school or with a family.

The Rutland Daily Globe, 3/15/1877. Print.

Heron, The Rutland Daily Globe, 3/5/1877