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Heron, Bijou


It would be of interest to all the lovers of the drama to visit the lobby of the People’s theatre, where hang the pictures of some of the founders of dramatic art in this country, whose shining lights which once shone so brightly in the eyes of our forefathers, have long since been extinguished.

Among the feminine faces is that of Matilda Heron, who was the original English speaking Camille, and who was also the greatest dramatic teacher of her day. Her last appearance upon the stage was in California, where she went crazy while playing a part and had to be carried from the stage by force. She married Ed Stopple and they had one child, Bijou Heron, who was a child considered an infant prodigy as an actress.

The Saint Paul Daily Globe 1/15/1888: 10. Print.

Heron, The Saint Paul Daily Globe, 1/15/1888, 10