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Heron, Bijou

And what becomes of the average stage children? Do you know most fondly exuberant mothers? They have no interest in the stage by the time they are adolescent, and continue their dramatic work because there is nothing else for them to do. There are exceptions, of course, notably in the case of Miss Minnie Maddern and Lotta. But look at the child actress who at one time was considered a marvel—I mean Bijou Heron. She is as charming a little lady as ever lived, but she has not realized the promise of her early days. Look at Cordelia Howard, the original little Eva. When she grew up she could hardly speak a line upon the stage with proper effect. She is now married, secluded and unstaged.

The Evening World 2/11/1889: 2. Print.

Heron, The Evening World, 2/11/1889, 2