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Heron, Bijou


Matilda Heron’s Unrivaled Reign on Two Continents.

Matilda Heron’s last public appearance took place in April, 1876, at a performance of “Medea” for the benefit of her daughter.

Shortly after this, during the initial performance of a pretty little play, in which Bijou took a minor part, the attention of the audience was divided literally between the plays on the stage stage and a woman in the corner of the dress circle, who, at every point of interest, to her, stood up and wildly waved her arms and handkerchief in token of admiration. At first the interruption was quite offensive, but as the play went on Mme. Heron was recognized, and sympathy for the mother joined hands with pity for the weak, and turned the offending to a pleasure.

The following week Mme. Heron’s child was officially placed under the guardianship of Albert M. Palmer, her mother’s sincerest friend, whom she had repeatedly sought by letter to care for her “precious all” when thrown on the mercies of “the cold and cruel world.” By an act of the New York Legislation, shortly afterward, the name of Helen Wallace Stoepel was changed to that of Bijou Herron.

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