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Heron, Bijou

The National Theatre—Monsieur Alphonse.

All young people will go to the vespertine at the National this afternoon to see Bijou Heron in Monsieur Alphonse. She is bright example, which should be placed before the eyes of all school-children, that, seeing what she has accomplished in the few years of her life, may excite in them a worthy ambition to excel in their studies as the only sure groundwork of success in all their future undertakings. No other profession requires more hard study than that of an actor. They must not only memorize their parts, but they must also fathom the character as the author saw it, and then casting self to one side, enter and become the soul of the imaginary being of the hour. It is no mean task to perform. To assume and correctly render such a part requires genius as well as study. Let all the children go this afternoon, and see if they think it would be easy for them to enact the role which the Bijou Heron assumes.



To be produced with new and exquisite scenery, properties and &c… with the following extraordinary cast: Mr. D. H. Harkins, Mr. [Illegible] Davidge, Mr. B. T. Bingold, Mr. Frank Champman, Miss Sara Jenett, Miss Alice Gray, Miss Stella Congdon, Miss Lizzie Griffiths, and the charming little Bijou Heron.

The National Republican 11/26/1874.

Heron, The National Republican11/26/1874