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Holmes, (Little) Tommy

Commander Eddy, The Niblower, opened the dramatic term of twelve weeks at Niblow’s last Monday night, with Mr. Wm. E. Burton for first star.  The Commander has selected a fair, though cheap company, adequate for the support of stars, which will be all that will be required of it, most likely.  First, and best upon the list is Mr. Charles Fischer.  Let us make a respectful “salaam” at this name, for it is a staunch, true, good name, and we hope to see it year after year upon the bills of our city theatres.  Next comes Mr. Wm. Davidge, defender of the drama, pitcher into apostate actors, and general annihilator of anti-theatrical clergymen, a man of learning, a gentleman, and a superior comedian.  After which Mr. Geo. Farren, ancient and respectable, then Mr. Leeson, from the Bowery.  What does he in the West  when he should serve the sovereigns in the east? Then Mr. R. J. Lawler (don’t print it Lawless;) also Mr. D. Harkins, (who’s he?) Mr. Haviland (not an acre) George Charles, Mr. Williams, Mr. Courland, Little Tommy Holmes (a most sagacious choice and last, though not by any means least, Mr. George L. Aiken.

NY Clipper 8 October 1859. Pg. 198