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Peak, Master Eddie

About the Peak Family going to Pike’s Peak we cannot yet speak positively, but they were at Davenport, Iowa, on the 23rd, Muscatine 25th, Burlington 26th, and Quincy 27th and 28th. They seem to have appreciative audiences and the good will of the press; and with these two propellers, they may be-speak any peak they set out for.  W. H. Peak makes harmonious strikes, with those thirty-four bells, as well as ever.  Mrs. Peak sings “Through the Wood” ditto.  Master Eddie is jolly, except when duty requires him to sing “Mother Dear” so pathetically that there is hardly a dry eye left in the house.

New York Clipper 6 August 1859: 126. Print

NY Clipper 6 August 6 1850. Pg. 126