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Master Reniz

We dropped in at Ordway’s Hall, Boston, on the evening of the 9th, and was much pleased with the programme provided by the Morris Brothers, Pell & Trowbridge’s Minstrels, for the entertainment of their visitors…..Master Rentz, a lad attached to the company, is phenomenon in the way of ballad singing, surpassing any one of his years we ever listened to.  He sings the most popular ballads of the day in a style that might be imitated with advantage by older heads.  His voice is loud, clear and musical, and our young friend seems to understand how to properly modulate it to the requirements of whatever ballad he may be singing.  His articulation is not sufficiently distinct, however, but this may be remedied in time by proper care and cultivation.

New York Clipper 8 October 1859: 198. Print

NY Clipper 17 September 1859. Pg. 174