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Ravel Family



  • E. BURTON respectfully informs his patrons and friends, that he has engaged, for four nights only. THE RAVEL FAMILY, whose extraordinary popularity attracted crowded houses at Niblo’s Garden for many seasons, until burned out by the recent destructive conflagration. Theses wonderful artistes, fifteen in number, consist of Gabriel Ravel, Antoine Ravel, Jerome Ravel, Francois Ravel, | Leon Javellli, | Martin Javelli,
  • Henri, from the Opera at Paris,
  • Marcetti, | M. Ferin, | M. La Manna,

Madame Leon Javelli, |Madame Jerome Ravel,

Mad’e Martin Javelli, | Mademoiselle Javelli,

THIS EVENING, Oct. 14th, the entertainments will consist of TIGHT ROPE by the Ravel Family. Prior to which, LOVE IN HUMBLE LIFE. Carlitz, Mr. T.G. Booth. Ronslaus, Mr. Henkins. Christine, Mrs. Gibbons. To conclude with “M. DECHALUMEAU.” In which the entire RAVEL FAMILY will appear.

American Republican and Baltimore Daily Clipper October 14, 1846. Print.

(Baltimore, MD)