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Ravel Family



Tickets 20 cents to all parts of the saloon. Private boxes $5. Doors open at 7 ½ to commence at 8 o’clock.

Manager, Mr. John Sefton.

Second week of the short season of the RAVEL FAMILY, 22 in number, who will appear in new entertainments during their short season in New York.

TUESDAY EVENING, Sept. 10, the entertainment will commence with an Overture; Leader, Mr. LaManna. After which, the laughable Petite Ballet called LA FETE CHAMPETRE, or, The Aged Dancers. Characters by the Ravel Family. To be followed by, first time in New-York, a Soiree de Bal, embracing all the most fashionable dances of the day. Intermission of half an hour. During the intermission and after the close of performance the magnificent ball room will be thrown open, where ladies and families may obtain Ice Cream and Refreshments of every variety. Likewise the lower splendid Saloon will be thrown open for gentlemen unaccompanied by ladies. The whole to conclude with the new grand Pantomime of RAOUL, or the Magic Star. In Twelve Tableaux, composed by Jerome Ravel. Principal characters by the Ravel Family.

New-York Daily Tribune September 10, 1850. Print.