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Ravel Family

St. Charles Theatre

2nd night of the RAVEL FAMILY. This Evening, February 4, will be performed the celebrated Opera of THE WATERMAN.

Tom Tug, Mr. Plumer

Robin, Cowel

Bundle, Mrs Plumer

An Overture by the Orchestra

Grand Pas Seul by Mad’le Ravenot

After which the popular petite Comedy of MY YOUNG WIFE & MY OLD UMBRELLA.

Grizzle, Mr Browne

Augustus, Debar

George, Page

Dinah, Mrs. Plumer

After which THE RAVEL FAMILY will go through their Tight Rope Performances. To conclude with THE SKATERS AT WILNA.

Godensky, Gabriel Ravel.

True American February 04, 1839. Print.

(New Orleans, LA)