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Reed, Julian (Master)


Roland Reed in Familiar Comedy—“Kajanka” Redecorated—General Theatrical Matters.


The popular comedian, Roland Reed, will begin a brief engagement at the Grand Opera House this evening, appearing as Samuel Bundy in the late David Damarest Lloyd’s successful comedy, “The Woman Hater.” Mr. Reed’s business elsewhere this season has been very large. He is surrounded with an improved company and the cast is as follows:

Samuel Bundy…Mr. Roland Reed

Horace Mulbridge…Mr. Harry A. Smith

Dr. Lane…Mr. H. Rees Davies

George Dobbins…Mr. Erust Bartram

Tom Ripley…Mr. William C. Andrews

Olando Hawkins…Mr. Julian Reed

Thompson…Mr. Max Fehrmann

William…Mr. James Douglass

James…Mr. S.A. Gordon

Mrs. Lucy Joy…Miss Isadore Rush

Miss Alice Lane…Miss Ruth Carpemter

Mrs. Walton…Mrs. Mary Myers

The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL) October 13, 1889.

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