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Reed, Julian (Master)


He Presents “Lend me Your Wife” to a larger audience.

At the Opera House last night Mr. Roland Reed and one of the best comedy companies seen here for many a day, appeared before a crowded house in “Lend me Your Wife.” It was an inclement night, and the presence of so large and so refined an audience was certainly a high compliment.

The piece is exceedingly funny, and Mr. Reed’s role the best he ever appeared in here. He is natural and irresistible in the part. Messrs. Nash and Roberts were rarely strong in the next most important male characters. Miss Isadore Rush is a lovely woman and a charming actress, and the other ladies, and indeed all the cast, were above the average, the baby bearing no mean part of the performance.

Mr. Reed was several times called before the curtain, and after the second act he made a speech which convulsed the audience only less than the funny situations of the play.

The same comedy will be given at the matinee this afternoon, and this evening the successful comedy. “The Club Friend,” which Mr. Reed has pronounced the best play he ever gave, will be produced with the following cast:

Percival Jarvis, M.D., a fashionable physician…Mr. George Frederick Nash

Abraham Oaks, of the firm of Oaks & Co…Mr. Chas. A. Smily

Evelyn his wife…Miss Isadora Rush

Sylvia, their daughter…Miss Edna Wallace

Makepeace Frawley, of no particular firm…Mr. Wm. Davidge

Margaret, his wife…Mrs. Mary Myers

Maximilian, their son…Mr. Albert Roberts

Wilkins, the doctor’s boy…Mr. Julian Reed

Mabel Douglass…Miss Cecile James

Stuyvesant Filbert, a friend from the club…Mr. Roland Reed

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer May 21, 1892. 

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