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Reed, Julian (Master)


The picturesque melodrama “Burr Oaks” was played at the National Theatre last evening, and was witnessed by a large and well-satisfied audience. During the course of the play suggestions of “The Silver King” and other melodramas crop out, but while not particularly original in plot, “Burr Oaks” is put together in a way that renders it quite interesting. Mr. David M. Murray played the part of Burr Oaks, the young man who makes an exile of himself in the belief that he has committed murder, in a vigorous way, and received the approval of the house several times. Miss Annie Barclay, as the much-suffering wife of Burr Oaks, acted with due intelligence and sympathy. The bad men were competently taken by Messrs. Criptie Palmont and J.W. Reynolds as Eben Hartstone and Martin Follett. Mr. Julian Reed held up the humorous side of the piece as Jester Judkins, and was ably assisted by Miss C.H. Thompson as Hilda Hocum. Several of the settings were more than ordinarily pretty, notably the water-mill by moonrise and Burr Oaks at sunrise.

The North American (Philadelphia, PA) December 22, 1885.

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