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Robinson, James (Master)

Circus is coming.

The reader will see that the superb and extensive Circus, Hippodrome, &c., of Messrs. Robinson & Eldred is on its way to this place, and that on Monday week next they will exhibit one of their splendid Entertainments at Rocky Mount, and here on Tuesday. They are unremitting in their efforts to please, and present unusual attractions.


The Great Southern CIRCUS


Organized, concentrated, and equipped by Mr. John Robinson. Governed, directed and managed by Mr. G.N. ELDRED.

Clowns, Sam Long, Alex Rockwell and Archy Campbell. Lady Equestrians, Madame Franconi and Madame Robinson. Great Hippodrome Equestrian, Mons. Henri Franconi. Principal Trick, and 4 horse acrobatic Equestrian, Mr. G.N. Eldred. Vendean brothers, Hester and Jennings. Principal Juvenile Equestrian, Master John Robinson. Principal Leaper and Herculean performer, Mr. Davenport. Juveniles of the Troupe: La Petite Kate, Master John, Jr., Master Frank, Master Gil, Master James, Master Chorley. Revolving Globe Performer, Signor Costello; Leader of the Tumblers, Ground and Lofty Feats, Mr. William Rochford, together with a number of minor stars and satellites.

Master James Robinson,

The Champion Equestrian of the South, in his immense star acts; too well known to require any description.

The Vendean Brothers!

Hessler & Jennings, in their great feats of strength, agility, grace and daring.

Mr. G.N. Eldred will introduce his celebrated 4 horse Demon Act, entitled little Bottle Imp, or the DEVIL ON HORSEBACK!

Magnificent performing horse, Abdallah. Superbly trained Poney Peacock.

La Perche La Globe,

By Master James Robinson and Mr. James McGowan.


Fun, Fuss, and Feathers,

By the 3 unequalled Clowns, your old favorite Sam Long in the lead.

A Man walking on the Ceiling Head Down!

By means of the scientific application of the principles of adhesion,


Master John Robinson, in his superb Principal Act; Juveniles of the Troupe in Pantomime, Ballet, Dancing, Comic Afterpieces, &c.; the wonderfully educated Dog Bernard; The Flying Beam, a wonderful performance of strength and skill, by Hessler.


And composed of Musicians of first-rate talent from all parts of the world.

The above is a faint description of the Great Entertainments provided for the Southern Tour, so that a Great Treat of Novelty and Talent may be looked for.

Hendricks, Agent.

The Southerner May 03, 1856. Print.

(Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC)