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Robinson, James (Master)


ROBINSON & ELDRED, PROPRIETORS. WILL EXHIBIT IN RICHMOND. THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, 18th, 19th and 20th of November. ADMISSION—50 cents, children and servants half price.

The Proprietors of the Southern Circus have much pleasure and confidence in presenting their Company as it now stands to the Richmond public. Since they visited this city in the Spring, they have expended over fifteen thousand dollars in making this the most perfect establishment of the kind in the world.

The arenas of all Europe have been drained of their equestrian ability. The burning deserts of Arabia scoured for intelligent and beautiful horses. The Theatres of this country and England have furnished dramatic talent, and the Rocks of the Northern Hebrides climbed to procure diminutive and curios performing ponies.

The Southern Circus disclaims connection with any other. As it now stands, it is composed of one hundred Horses and Ponies, and seventy-five Performers and Attaches. Among the latter are all the Stars in the profession. During their stay in Richmond a constant succession of Novelties will be produced.

MASTER JAMES ROBINSON continues to lead the Male Equestrian exercises.

MADAME ROBINSON will appear in her superb acts upon the newly purchased and highly trained Arabian Horse Jupiter.

MASTER JOHN will introduce an act of horsemanship never before attempted by any performer.

Remember! Remember!! Remember!!!—We do not come on Friday, the 12th, but we do come on Thursday, the 18th.


The Daily Dispatch November 11, 1852. Print.

(Richmond, VA)