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Rousset Family


–The Ravel Family against William Niblo.

–William Niblo engaged the Ravel Family to play at his Garden during the Summer and Fall of 1851, to play three nights a week, and during their engagement W. N. was not, on the other three nights of the week, to have any ballets, pantomimes, or anything connected with their line of business. Mr. Niblo was applied to by the ladies of the French Company for the use of his Theatre for a benefit for them, which was to be got up by their friends. Mr. N agreed they should have it last Saturday night, on which occasion the very talented Rousset Family volunteered to dance for their countrywomen. The Ravel Family objected to the Roussets dancing, and endeavored to stop them by an injunction. The house was crowded, the Roussets danced, and received showers of bouquets and tremendous applause, and the French artists received a substantial benefit. It is a mistake, as has been stated, that Mr. Niblo had let his Theater to the Ravel Family, or that he had let it to the Roussets, or that he was going to let it to others. The French artists had it for Saturday night only, and for the mere expense of lighting up.

New-York Daily Tribune September 20, 1851. Print.