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Shaw, Rosina

Risley’s Variete.—Mrs. Howard.

This house of entertainment presents an attractive bill for this evening. Three pieces are to be performed, viz: “Time Tries All,” “Rough Diamond,” and “Toodles.” Mr. Danson, of the New York theatres, whose fame as an actor has preceded him, has arrived in the metropolis, and will grace the boards this evening. The interest which Mr. Risley has manifested in the success of his fashionable establishment, and the superior performers he has secured, have awakened the enthusiasm of the public. For ten or more nights that singularly talented, charming, and versatile actress, Mrs. Charles Howard, has imparted gratification and delight to her auditors. It is but simple justice to say that in all the characters she has personated at the Variete she has displayed high histrionic talent. She is also a vocalist, possessing a sweet compass of voice, and there is a naiveté about her whilst either acting or singing which imparts to the audience the most pleasurable sensation. Mrs. Howard is withal an esteemed lady. The performances this evening are for her benefit; and, appreciated as she is by an admiring public, we cannot doubt that her benefit will bring “substantial glittering praise,” in amount sufficient to gladden her heart. About to bid adieu to Washington, we hope Mrs. Howard will have solid reasons to be grateful to the discerning public of our city. May the capital to her be “the greenest spot in memory’s waste!”

The Daily Union (Washington, DC) December 3, 1853

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