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Shaw, Rosina

MRS. CHARLES HOWARD—We have no idea of attempting to puff this “child of genius,” for her talents are too conspicuous, and her reputation too extensive, to admit of any polish that we might desire to add. If we say that she is one of the most gifted ladies on the American stage; that her conceptions of characters are of the highest order; that her acting is more life-like, more natural, than ever before seen; and that her goodness of heart is co-extensive with her character as an actress, we say no more than every body knows who has had the good fortune to become acquainted with her. Before a Richmond audience Mrs. Howard has no superior.—The bare announcement of her name has always created a mania for theatre going, and the applause that ever greets her, is the best evidence that she has found a lodgement in the hearts of the people too deep and too enduring ever to be erased.

On Wednesday night last in the “Child of the Regiment,” we were delighted with her acting, tho’ the beauty of the piece was somewhat marred by an unfortunate cast of at least one of the characters.—To-night she will appear in favorite characters, and will win new laurels in their personation. Every one should therefore see her, as it is her last appearance on the Richmond stage, unless the management can effect a re-engagement with her for another week. This must be done, if possible. The friends of the drama in this city are not prepared to part company with her so soon, and we really hope they may not be compelled from necessity to do so.

The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA), December 10, 1853

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