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Shaw, Rosina

National Theatre.

Lessee and Manager…Henry C. Jarrett.

Also, of the Museum, Baltimore

Stage Manager…Mr. Jefferson.


Dress circle and parquet…50 cents.

Family circle, second tier…25 “

Gallery…50 & 25 c

Doors open at 6 ½ o’clock, p.m. Curtain rises at 7 ½ o’clock precisely.

Centennial anniversary of the establishment of the drama in America. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, the only acknowledged representatives of Irish and Yankee characters now on the stage, will appear in two cities on the same night.

In order to render the occasion signally great, the following eminent artists will appear: Mrs. CHARLES HOWARD, “The Star of the South.” Mr. CHARLES BASS, the great Shakespearean comedian and impersonator of old men. Mr. JOSEPH M. DAWSON, the well-known comedian of Baltimore, together with the entire Museum company.


Nov 23—3t

The Daily Union (Washington, DC) November 27, 1855

Article PDF, col. 6, entry 2