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Shaw, Rosina


This theatre will be opened for the short season on Thursday evening. It is said that Mr. Theodore Moss and Mr. W.R. Floyd are the managers. The play will be a new London drama, called “True to the Last,” in which Mr. and Mrs. Watkins will appear, and the mysterious ghost will be introduced to our public. There is considerable gossip about this ghost in the theatrical circles. It appears that one of the objects of Mr. John Sefton’s mission to Europe was to secure the ghost. At Liverpool he met Mr. Florence, who had a ghost, and was bringing it to this city. In the meantime Mr. Watkins had arrived here with his ghost, and was engaged as above mentioned. Now, when Mr. Florence displays his ghost, and Mr. Sefton comes back with his ghost, and Mr. Ullman sends another ghost over, as he has promised, all out theatres will be as ghostly as graveyards, and the spiritualists will be completely annihilated. Mr. Watkins will take the cream of the sensation, however, for he is the first in the field.

The New York Herald (New York, NY) August 3, 1863

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