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Shaw, Rosina

Theatrical and Musical.

NIBLO’S GARDEN.—The proprietor, true to his rescives, continues to present the public with fresh attractions; and his efforts to gratify his patrons, who, in point of numbers and respectability, are in the ascendant, have hitherto been, and will no doubt continue to be, eminently successful. Last evening, Charles Dance’s new comedy, in two acts, just received, called a “Wonderful Woman, or the Marquis and Cobbler,” was played, Mr. Dawson representing the character of the Marquis de Frontignac, Mr. A. Andrews that of Viscount de Millefleure, Mr. Kingsley that of Rodolph, Mr. John Sefton that of Crepin, a cobbler; Mrs. C. Howard that of Hortense, and Miss Roberts that of Cecile. The acting was very excellent, and Mrs. Howard’s singing was most warmly applauded, and would have been encored but for the inconvenience which the lady would have experienced from the intense heat, although the theatre is the coolest in this great metropolis. The bill altogether was a first-rate one, and all the entertainments mentioned in it were given to a highly respectable and numerous audience, in first-rate style. This evening the gorgeous new ballet, in which the celebrated Ravel family and Mlle. Bertin, and M. Brillant will appear. There will no doubt, be a crowded house. The Ravels never fail of drawing a crowd of enthusiastic admirers.

Weekly Herald, August 25, 1849

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