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Shaw, Rosina

THEATRE.—MRS. HOWARD COMING.—We are glad to learn that Mrs. Charles Howard will appear in our Theatre Monday night—the first of a short engagement which she has made with the manager. She is a great favorite with the play-goers of this city, and she will no doubt be welcomed by an overflowing house. She is one of the most spirited and pleasing actresses of the day, and for her stature has more animation and histrionic genius than any actress we know. We shall be truly gratified to behold her bright and gay face again.

It is due to Mr. GRIFFITHS, whose benefit was to come off next week, to state that he consented to postpone it to give place to Mrs. HOWARD’S engagement.

The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, VA) December 3, 1853

Article PDF, col. 5, entry 3