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Shaw sisters (Mary and Rosina)

AMERICAN MUSEUM. –500, 000 curiosities—Day Visitors admitted same evening Free.

Concert by the misses Mary and Rosina Shaw! The celebrated vocalists, and their brother Mr. David T. Shaw!

La Petite Celeste, the danseuse; Mr. Cole, the Chinese Nondescript, and his learned and “singing dog Billy; Great Western,” the Negro Extravaganzist, Ethiopian Orator, imitator of the locomotive, and dancer.

Animal Magnetism:

Professor Johnson will mesmerize a young lady and produce experiments in Animal Magnetism. Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, in conjunction with all the above performers, except the Misses Shaw, who sing only in the evening.

Mr. Hambridge will preside at the piano forte.

The Programme will be changed every evening. Entertainments commence at half past 7 every evening, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 o’clock. Admission to the whole 25 cents; children under 10, half price.

New-York Daily Tribune November 17, 1843. Print.