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Shaw sisters

Grand Vocal Concert, at the Apollo Saloon. Broadway, Monday Evening, October 30th, 1843—Misses Mary and Rosina Shaw respectfully announce that they will, assisted by their brother, Mr. David T. Shaw, give a Grand Vocal Concert at the above saloon, on the above Evening. As they are passing through the city to fill engagements in the South, the concert will be for THIS NIGHT ONLY!

Conductor, R.S. Hambridge, who will preside at the Piano Forte.

Director…D.T. Shaw.


Part 1

Overture…R.S. Hambridge

Duett—Misses Mary and Rosina Shaw—The Mountain Eagle…Hewitt

Ballad—Miss Mary Shaw—“She wore a wreath of Roses” J.P. Knight

Song—Miss Rosina Shaw—“A Life on the Ocean Wave.” Russel

Irish Ballad—Mr. D.T Shaw—“Norah, the Pride of Kit Dare” Perry

Duett—Misses Mary and Rosina Shaw—“The Echo of the mermaid’s Cave.” Manuscript


Part 2

Duett—Misses Mary and Rosina Shaw—“Wilt thou tempt the waves with me”

Amusing Song—Miss Mary Shaw—“In the days when we went Gypseying” J.P Knight

National Western Song—Miss Rosina Shaw—“Westward Ho.” Ritcher.

Scotch Ballad—Mr. David T. Shaw—“Come sit thee down” Sinclair

New Comic Song—Miss Mary Shaw—“What can it mean, or, I’m much too young to marry.” Written by G.P. Morris.

Aria Buffo—Miss Rosina Shaw—“Largo al Factotum.” Rossini

Grand Comique Finale—Misses Mary and Rosina Shaw—“Fioravoliti’s Singing Lesson”

Master Miss Rosina Shaw; Pupil, Miss Mary Shaw.

Tickets fifty cents each—To be had at the principle music stores, and at the door in the evening. Concert to commence at 8 o’clock.

New-York Daily Tribune October 30, 1843. Print.

(New York, NY)