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St. Clair, Sallie

Musical and Dramatic Items.

The St. Louis Theatre under Mr. Cowell’s management has been unfortunate. The News says:

“The season closed in the midst of Miss Sallie St. Clair’s engagement—no fault of Sallie’s particularly, though it must be confessed that in the bright galaxy of dramatic luminaries, she generally pales an ineffectual fire. The stock company, and other evil speaking persons, have insinuated that Manager Cowell did not pay up his employees: and was not willing to hazard the little made and refunded to him by the Williamses by one such engagement as that of Sallie St. Clair, who was playing the “Hidden Hand,” and other such high-art pieces to very scanty benches.”

The National Theatre, in Cincinnati, re-opened this week, with a capital stick, including Mr. John Ellsler as stage manager and character actor, Mr. W.E. Sheridan as leading man, Mr. J.K. Mortimer juvenile; Mr. Wood Benson, comedian; Mr. Henry Weaver, as old man. Among the ladies, Mrs. Jane Laws, Mrs. Ellsler, and Mrs. Sarzedns. The military drama of “The French Spy,” and the admirable comic play “To Parents and Guardians,” with Miss Sallie St. Clair.

Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 20, 1861

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