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St. Clair, Sallie

Academy of Music.

To-night is the Benefit of Miss Sallie St. Clair, and the claims of this talented and successful actress to the public favour, together with the extraordinary attractions of the entertainment offered, should secure a crowded house. The plays comprise the beautiful drama by Charles Barras, Esq., of The Fairy of the Home, in which Miss St. Clair takes the principal character, followed by the original comedy of the Hypochondriac, where Mr. Charles Barras will present his famous and inimitable impersonation of “Vertigo Morbid.” This piece of acting is said by all who have seen it to be a masterpiece of high comedy personation. The bill concludes with the farce of A Thumping Legacy. The programme presents unusual inducements, and we expect to see the house crowded “from pit to dome.” Miss St. Clair deserves a “bumper.”

Cleveland Morning Herald, April 25, 1862

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