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St. Clair, Sallie

Academy of Music.

The performances last night were in every way a success. Three new pieces were played, the first two being the production of Mr. Chas. Barras. The Fairy of Home is a beautiful little drama which deserves to be seen by every one. Miss Sallie St. Clair performed in it two characters requiring sudden changes, and did her part to perfection. The scenic affects, situations, etc., of this drama were finely got up. The second piece was the two act Commedietta of the Hypochondriac, in which the author, Mr. Charles Barras, enacted Mr. Vertigo Morbid. Of this unique personation of an extraordinary character, we can only say that it is one of the finest pieces of irresistible comedy that we have seen for a long time. The audience was convulsed with laughter from the beginning to the end of the play. Miss St. Clair appeared in the piece as “Martha Snifkins.” The farce of A Thumping Legacy concluded the bill. The house was crowded.

To-night the Hypochondriac will be repeated, with the French Spy. Two such very attractive pieces will doubtless command a crowded house.

Daily Cleveland Herald, April 26, 1862

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