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St. Clair, Sallie

THE ATHENEUM—Let everybody remember that to-night the grand complimentary and farewell benefit of Miss Sallie St. Clair takes place—testimonial tendered by the citizens and military, in recognition of her transcendent qualities as an artiste and her estimable character as a lady.

It is to be a grand comedy occasion where and when Momus is to hold high carnival. First upon the programme is the famous Burtonian comedy of The Serious Family, with the eminent comedian Mr. Charles Barras, in his great characterization of Aminidab Sleek—a part in which he is acknowledged to be unapproachable—Miss Sallie St. Clair supporting him as the dashing Widow Delmaine. Miss St. Clair appearing, also, in the new and convulsing comedietta of The Young Rebel—received everywhere with the most tumultuous applause—the whole constituting a grand cachinnatory jubilee, not to be witnessed often in a lifetime. Secure your seats early in the day, for there will be a large and brilliant gathering.

Daily Ohio Statesman January 30, 1863

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