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St. Clair, Sallie

Academy of Music.—In spite of a very severe cold under which Miss Sallie St. Clair is labouring, she performed Lucretia Borgia last night in a very fine manner, and to the satisfaction of a good audience. The play was well cast, and carefully put on the stage.

This evening the talented actress will appear in the deeply interesting play of the Actress of Padua, which is one of the Miss Sallie St. Clair’s great characters. The play has been cast with the full strength of the company, including Mrs. Effie Ellsler. We expect to see a very fine house on this occasion, the merits of the play, and its excellent cast being, we should think, able to draw a crowded audience.

The exceedingly funny afterpiece of A Kiss in the Dark, with Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Dickson as the leading comedians, will close the entertainment.

To-morrow evening Miss Sallie St. Clair takes her Benefit, with a very attractive bill.

Daily Cleveland Herald, September 24, 1863

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