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St. Clair, Sallie

Academy of Music.—To-night, after careful separation in the way of new scenery and machinery, will be presented, for the first time here, the grand romantic drama of the Woman in White, dramatized expressly for Miss Sallie St. Clair, by Charles Barras, Esq., from Wilkie Collins’ famous novel of that name. It has been a great success wherever it has been performed, having enjoyed an uninterrupted run of four weeks at Pike’s Opera House, Cincinnati. The cast of the piece here embodies a perfect constellation of talent, and will ensure a success fully equal to that achieved elsewhere. Miss Sallie St. Clair enacts the wonderful double role of Mad. Ann Catherick, and Laura Fairlie, Mr. Charles Barras that of the querulous old Fairlie, Mr. John Ellsler appears as the family lawyer, Gilmore, Mrs. Ellsler as Marian Halcombe. Mr. McCollom as Walter Harbright, Mr. Stewart as Count Fosco, Lewis as the ghost seeing Jacob, Carrol as Sir Percival Glyde, and the balance of the company admirably distributed throughout the piece. In the Woman in White we may safely promise a treat not often within the reach of our amusement seekers.

Daily Cleveland Herald, September 28, 1863

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