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St. Clair, Sallie

ELLSLER’S ATHENEUM—THE WOMAN IN WHITE.—The Atheneum was again crowded last night by one of the largest audiences of the season. Miss Sallie St. Clair played Capitola Black in the “Hidden Hand” with a spirit, vivacity and a vein of humor that drew frequent plaudits and bursts of laughter from the audience. Nor were the other characters in this favorite play without their fitting representatives. The performance of the entire piece was most artistic and successful.

On to-morrow (Monday) night, will be produced the grand, Romantic and Sensational Drama of “The Woman in White.” Not the production of the same name produced here some two or three years ago, but a splendid and comprehensive drama, written expressly for Miss Sallie St. Clair by Charles Barras, Esq., and performed with immense success everywhere.

The cast of the piece is a very powerful one, comprising Miss St. Cair in her great double impersonation of Mad. Ann Catherick and Laura Fairlie; Mr. Barras as old Fairlie, a bunch of human nerves; Mr. McCollom as Walter Hartwright; Mrs. Ellsler as Marran; Mr. Ellsler as Gilmore; Mr. Lewis as the Ghost-seeing Jacob; and the balance of the company admirably distributed throughout. We predict for “The Woman in White” a success here, equal to that which has greeted it elsewhere.




John Ellsler, —Manager.

Jas. Dickson, —Stage Manager.

C. Busch, —Treasurer.

The great event!!


The eminent Actress, Miss Sallie St. Clair, and the great and Eccentric Comedian Mr. Charles Barras, will both appear in the great Sensational Drama of The Woman in White, the great event of the season.

Monday evening, Feb. 9, 1864, will be presented the great sensational Drama of The Woman in White!

Full of grand mysteries, thrilling situations and grand illuminated tableaux.

Mad. Ann Catherick, Laura Fairlie…Miss Sallie St. Clair

Mr. Frederick Fairlie…Mr. Charles Barras

Notice this is not the Drama produced here some two or three years ago.

To conclude with the Farce of YOUR LIFE’S IN DANGER!

Daily Ohio Statesman February 7, 1864

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