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St. Clair, Sallie



John A. Ellsler Manager | B. II Geary…Treasurer

Engagement of the Eminent and Versatile Actress,

MISS SALLIE ST. CLAIR, and the Great Eccentric Comedian, MR. CHARLES BARRAS, a great comedy night.

TUESDAY EVENING, October 10, 1865, will be presented the screaming Comedy of the SERIOUS FAMILY.

Mrs. Grimsby Delmaton…Miss Sallie St. Clair

Mr. Aminidab Slock…Mr. Charles Barras

To conclude with the laughable Comediette of OUR COUNTRY COUSIN.

Margery…Miss Sallie St. Clair


Will be received by Telegraph and announced from the Stage, thus giving all a chance to hear the name and see a fine(?) Comedy.


ACADEMY OF MUSIC.—“Rosedale” afforded a most pleasing entertainment to a well-filled house at the Academy of Music last evening, and was never presented to better advantage so far as the performance was concerned.

This evening the bills announce Miss Sallie St. Clair and Mr. Charles Barras, names too familiar to the Cleveland public to need a word of introduction. They open this evening in the admirable comedy of “The Serious Family,” Mr. Barras as “Aminadab Sleek,” and Miss St. Clair as “Mrs. Delmaine,” to be followed by the comedietta of “Our Country Cousin,” in which Miss St. Clair appears as “Margery.” This constitutes a most attractive and entertaining bill.

Mr. Ellsler announces that he has made all necessary arrangements to receive the election returns as rapidly as they are made up, and they will be read from the stage.

Cleveland Daily Leader October 10, 1865

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