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St. Clair, Sallie

ACADEMY OF MUSIC.—The weather last evening was anything but agreeable to be out in, or we should undoubtedly have been able to record a very large attendance at the benefit of Miss Sallie St. Clair; but we are pleased to remark that even with this drawback there was more than an average house. The evening was entirely devoted to comedy, and was a decided relief from the tragic dishes that have been served up—creditably, we must say, but in too great profusion—during the week. The entertainment was, therefore, all the more a success. Of the performance, it is sufficient to say in a general way that it was satisfactory. In “Married Life” Miss Sallie St. Clair was very happy in the rendition of “Mrs. Young-Husband,” and Mr. Chas. Barras as “Mr. Samuel Coddle” was little short of immense.

The subordinate parts were in good hands and well taken care of. The protean farce of “The Actress,” the burden of which rested upon Miss St. Clair, was very prettily done, and that is all that could have been expected.

We were a little premature in announcing last evening as the closing night of these artists. They remain to this evening, and Miss St. Clair will appear in the dramatization of Mrs. Southworth’s story of the “Hidden Hand,” presenting the character of the dashing “Capitola Black,” in which she is very successful. This will be positively her last appearance here this season.

On Monday evening, it is announced, Miss Blanche DeBar, comedienne, an artist new to Cleveland, will appear. Her name speaks favorably for her, but we cannot pronounce knowingly of her merits.

Cleveland Daily Leader October 21, 1865

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