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Stickney, Sallie


Lessee and Manager…Tom King.

Tom King’s California Circus Company.

Admission 25 cents. Thursday Evening, Dec. 23d, 1858.

Benefit of MISS SALLIE STICKNEY, whose beauty and daring have made her hosts of friends in our city.

SALLIE STICKNEY in a Single Horse Act—in a Two Horse Act with Tom King, and in a dance with Mr. Geo. T. Sheldon.

Master ROBERT STICKNEY in two great acts, with the fairy pantomime of CINDERILLA. Every night, and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Three entertainments on Christmas Day. Look out for amusement. Weather favourable, all the lovely children will be out in a Grand Procession THIS DAY.

The Daily Exchange, December 23, 1858

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